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Welcome to Lincoln Arms. We are Central Kentucky’s Elite Class 3 Dealer and 3 Gun Outfitter. We make buying or transferring a Class 3 firearm an enjoyable and pain free experience. We have been in the firearms business since 2006 and have worked our way into providing duty weapons for Law Enforcement and Investment Pieces for the Civilian Market. We make the process easy for our clients and ensure every form is submitted properly and professionally. We are also equipped to E-file Trust transfers to reduce your wait time up to 50%. We strive to deliver high quality products at competitive prices with customer service that is second to none. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our online store offers many parts for the Modern Sporting Rifle and also accessories to meet your 3 Gun needs. Everything in our store ships free and we don’t upcharge or trick our customers with different pricing. What you see is what you pay and shipping is always Free. We know you have a choice in buying your gear and we THANK YOU for choosing Lincoln Arms.

Lincoln Arms is equipped with several Sample Machine Guns that we can have your department demo.  All that is required is a Demo Letter to us that we in return send to the ATF that allows us to obtain a sample for your demonstration.  Click the link below to send us an email with your request.  We will then review your request, ask you a few basic questions and prepare the letter for you.  You must then print the letter on department letterhead, have the CLEO sign off in blue ink and mail it back to us.  Then you will be all set to schedule your demonstration.

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